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Daily Bible Reading Aids

This page focusing on Bible reading has been set up as one means to help our congregation read through the same daily portions of the Bible together. The Bible reading schedule available through the links below was first prepared by Robert Murray M’Cheyne (1813-1843). M’Cheyne was a young preacher in Dundee, Scotland. He first served as an assistant pastor to John Bonar, the father of Andrew and Horatius. Of frail constitution, M’Cheyne never was physically strong, and his frequent sickness often forced his absence from his pulpit. However, his reputation for godliness and his fervent preaching not only had an impact on his congregation but also on many of his ministerial colleagues. He pastored in Dundee for nearly five and a half years, and his responsive congregation grew to more than 1100 hearers. From April – December of 1839, M’Cheyne represented the Church of Scotland on a mission trip to Palestine, collecting information regarding the Jews and potential missionary activity in Palestine. God sent revival to M’Cheyne’s church and throughout Scotland, and M’Cheyne himself enjoyed the sustained working of God throughout the duration of his ministry until his death just two months before his 30th birthday.

Click here for the entire schedule: McCheyne Bible Reading

Click here for the leap year schedule: McCheyne Feb Bible Reading Leap Year

In addition to scheduled Bible reading, the book entitled "For the Love of God" has been recommended to us for daily devotional reading. Free pdf versions of Carson's books are available here:
Volume 1
Volume 2

The following is the daily Bible reading schedule designed by Robert Murray M'Cheyne. You may download the schedule for each month by clicking on the month name.