Our church will have the privilege to witness the ordination questioning of Timothy Petersen on Wednesday, March 13. His doctrinal statement can be accessed here.

Ordinations at Mount Calvary

On the event of a Mount Calvary ordination, the doctrinal statements of each candidate will be posted below. If you are a member of Mount Calvary and are asking, “Do I need to read these doctrinal statements?”, please consider the following:

Our church congregation votes together to ordain the men whose beliefs are contained in these statements. Though the elders and presbytery will be bringing the recommendation, you will want to be as knowledgeable in your voting as you can be. 

Reading the statements will help you:

  • Rehearse the truths you hear preached. 
  • Gain a clear portrait of each candidate and his disciplined effort to formulate his understanding of the major doctrines of the Bible. 
  • Stimulate your own Bible study. 
  • Overcome the tendency to think that “doctrine is for preachers only.” 

By the time of the ordination questioning, our church family usually has already had an extended season in which to evalute the scriptural character and ministerial gifts of the one being examined.

Please direct any questions related to doctrinal statements to info@mountcalvarybaptist.org.