Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Ministry

The safety of minors (0-17 years old), including those to whom Mount Calvary Baptist church directly ministers, is a high priority to us. 

In May 2019, we implemented a more uniform process for public record criminal history checks for those desiring to serve in our leadership and our youth and children’s ministries. 

We are partnering with Protect My Ministry (PMM) to facilitate these checks. PMM’s process conforms to the Fair Credit Reporting Act that provides standards to protect applicants while helping ministries protect themselves and those whom they serve.  

If the process raises any questions for you, please peruse this page or speak with your ministry leader. The church will be notified of the results of each submitted application.

The public record check usually is complete within 48 hours. A Child Protection Committee (CPC) has been formed (Jeanne Keck, Pastor Jones, and Pastor Newton) that will notify you privately of the results.

To complete and submit the application, please access the link below that will redirect you to PMM’s secure website.

In the rare event that the background check might flag a concern, PMM double-checks the information before notifying the designated individual on the committee who will relay the results to you.  

To complete the process, access HERE.