Sunday School Curriculum

Adult Curriculum 

For several years, our church has attempted to standardize the curriculum used in our adult Sunday school classes. From time to time, we are able to recover an older series of messages preached by our pastor, Mark Minnick, and use that series as the basis for a written series of Sunday school lessons. Our Sunday school series typically last four months and, therefore, do not fit neatly into the quarter system. From time to time, other churches have heard of the curriculum and have purchased the material for use in their own Sunday school ministry.

In 2004, supplying the demand for printed materials began to exceed the capacity of our office personnel, so we experimented with making it available on data CDs in Adobe read-only files. Scripture references are from the New American Standard Bible (1995). 

Should you determine that the curriculum would help your adult Sunday school teachers, we ask that you purchase the number of CDs corresponding to the number of teachers that would teach the material.

Orders requiring shipment to foreign countries should contact the church office directly.